The Deerstone

Luxury Eco Hideaway

A Luxury Hideaway in the Valley: A Commitment to Sustainability

Nestled in the picturesque valley of Laragh, held by heather-filled hills, and bathed by the song of the Avonmore River, The Deerstone stands as a serene oasis. Our retreat centre is held within a tapestry of natural wonder, mere minutes from one of Ireland’s most renowned tourist destinations, Glendalough. Our unwavering commitment is to safeguard and celebrate the sensational beauty that surrounds us.

Rewilding Programme: Nurturing Irish Nature

The Deerstone’s spirited partnership with some of Laragh’s gifted local horticulturists and gardeners is a collaborative effort to rejuvenate and rewild a small piece of our precious planet. Within the heart of our centre, we have created a thriving landscape where our beautiful deciduous trees have become home to native birds and red squirrels; our vibrant plants and flowers extend a welcome invitation for bees, butterflies, and important creatures in our ecosystem to inhabit; and our delectable edible plants have proved to be a joy to both forage and taste.
This initiative is a testament to our unwavering dedication to the delicate balance of nature. By nurturing these diverse plant species, we are contributing to the flourishing biodiversity of our immediate surrounds while also ensuring a more sustainable future for the myriad of creatures with whom we coexist.

Powered by the Sun

Our A1 BER rated cottages and commercial buildings are bathed in the energy of the sun. More than 50% of the electricity that powers The Deerstone is harnessed from our very own solar panels. Our strong commitment to clean, renewable energy is driven by our desire to preserve the serene and abundant beauty that graces our backyard every single day.

Sustainability in Every Flush: Our Compost Toilets

Our subtly aromatic and eco-conscious compostable toilets, located within our Shepard’s Huts and adjacent to the Roundhouse Studio, place a crucial role in conserving one our most precious resources: water. Standard toilets typically consume between six to nine litres of water per flush. In contrast, The Deerstone’s compostable toilets are exceptionally water-efficient, using zero litres per flush.

These forward-looking facilities forgo the conventional wastewater approach, opting instead for a decomposition process that breaks down human waste without relying on ample flushes into the sewage system. In doing so, they leave no ecological footprint behind, offering a sustainable solution that aligns with our commitment to environmental preservation.
It’s worth noting that the resulting compost from these toilets is carefully managed and never used on our edible plants, ensuring complete peace of mind for our guests.

Warm Hearts, Cool Planet: Our Energy-Efficient Heat Pumps

Our well-maintained and energy-efficient heat pumps are key to ensuring cosy cottages and Shepard’s huts through the colder winter months and will keep you comfortable-cool during the warmer summer season. Heat pumps have an astonishing efficiency rate of over 100 percent and generate more heat energy than the electricity they consume.
The exceptional efficiency of heat pumps generates a substantial reduction in carbon emissions when compared to traditional heating methods. They not only deliver great comfort but also play a significant role in our own environmental responsibility, helping to preserve the pristine nature of our surroundings.

Join Us in our Holistic Approach to Life in Laragh: Be a Responsible Guest

All these proactive measures undertaken by The Deerstone unite to establish a genuinely eco-conscious retreat that remains firmly aimed towards the future of sustainable living. Our strong commitment to preserving the environment not only defines our ethos but also ensures a memorable and environmentally responsible experience for our guests.
We invite you to share in our journey of sustainable coexistence and embrace the harmonious partnership between luxury, nature, and ecological responsibility. Your stay at The Deerstone is not just a getaway but an opportunity to be a part of a sustainable vision for the future.

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