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Amy Jennings

  Amy Jennings is a botanist, conservationist and beekeeper with a deep appreciation for plants and nature. A masters in biodiversity conservation allowed Amy to further explore her interest in ethnobotany, which looks at the connection between people and the plant kingdom. This research took her to countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, India, Tibet and Tanzania. Amy runs an organic farm, Glendalough Organics, where she practises sustainable growing methods, Amy also runs meditation retreats where she teaches mindfulness techniques that help connect people with the natural environment.

Casey King

  Casey, a seasoned yoga practitioner with over a decade of teaching experience, believes in the continuous journey of self-improvement. She has honed her expertise in yoga, breathwork, trauma release, chakra healing, and massage. In Casey’s yoga classes, you’ll experience an unhurried and welcoming pace, where poses are sculpted to suit your unique body. Rooted in Forrest Yoga, Casey adds purpose to every posture, offering tailored challenges to align with your intentions. Her classes go beyond sequences, embracing playfulness and light-heartedness, allowing students to explore subtle movements. This fusion of mindful progression, purposeful intention, and personalised adjustments creates a holistic…

Dani Sheil

I’m Dani, I have been working with yoga and Reiki for over 23 years, offering transformative yoga classes, workshops, retreats and holidays designed to bring about positive change, inner balance and harmony. I specialize in immersive experiences that cater to women seeking transformation and renewal. I curate these programs to provide a safe, fun space for women to recharge, find clarity, and foster a deeper connection with themselves and their world.

Níall Ó’Murchú

Within a few breaths, I knew I had found something special. After a few days, I was changing: I had more energy and was less stressed. After a few weeks, I felt more alive and empowered. After three months, I was transformed: my health had improved, my mind was clear and I had the energy to leave my old job and dedicate my life to teaching the Wim Hof Method.

Virginia Giani

Hi! I am a Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher, and Ceremonial Cacao facilitator. I am a space holder and sound practitioner. I am a retreat host and all-things-wellness advocate. I am a creator, a seeker, a lover, a healer, a thinker, and a beautiful mess at times. My yoga practice began in July 2019 while I was still an anxious Hotel Chef. I fell in love with it and how I felt because of it. In 2021, I graduated as a 200 Yoga Teacer and added 100 hours on in 2023. I am now gratefully enrolled in an intensive…

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